Founder of MDP Interiors (Mahnaz Design and Planning)


Mahnaz Liaghat has been a leader in the design industry for 30 years. A true artist and creative visionary, she has always been passionate about unique design.

As a young painter, Ms. Liaghat  pursue her education in the United States, earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) in 1986 from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After 15 successful years with the international design consultancy Burt Hill Kosar Rittleman, Ms. Liaghat launched her own successful design practice — Mahnaz International Design and Planning — in 1998, where she specialized in hospitals and  hospitality projects. She also shared her deep knowledge of design as a professor of lighting for undergraduate interior design students.

In 2005, Ms. Liaghat rejoined Burt Hill Kosar Rittleman as interior design director to establish their interior design department in the United Arab Emirates. Three years later, she co-founded the MIRK group, which is best known as the designer and visionary behind the Sofitel Palm Jumeirah Resort in Dubai. As design director at MIRK, Ms. Liaghat was the lead designer for the Sofitel’s 500 guest rooms, 13 restaurants, salon, spa and other guest amenities. In addition, she has leaded, design, supervised and procured the resort’s custom furniture and interior detailing.

Ms. Liaghat’s unique vision of space and design span the entire spectrum, from large-scale hospitality projects to residential spaces and custom furniture.  She truly believes that design is not three dimensional, but rather pushes beyond into the fourth dimension of sensory impact. It is what a truly unique design makes you feel that makes it special and timeless.

Ms. Liaghat is NCIDQ certified.

She looks forward to working closely with you on your next project.


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